Repete to debut Turnkey Services at IPPE
Insight FS breaks ground on new mill featuring Repete automated system

5 things you might not know about Repete


Even though Repete has been the independent automation leader for process manufacturing for over 50 years, designing and delivering automated control system solutions for plants and feed mills worldwide, many people aren’t aware of everything Repete does.

Here are 5 things you might not know about Repete.

  1. Our customers help feed over 1 billion people a day. With more than 1,400 systems deployed worldwide, serving in more than 36 countries on 5 different continents, Repete systems play a major role in feeding one-seventh of the world. See more
  2. Set it, and forget it. Our highly intelligent FLX Automation Platform was built to give plants the ability to go to a lights-out level – meaning an operator can walk away while the system is running resulting in increased accuracy and traceability while lowering production costs and eliminating user errors. Learn more about FLX
  3. We’ve officially ended obsolescence. Our Continuous Upgrade Program maintains your system at a like-new level for as long as you participate. Learn more
  4. Our CEO’s personal phone number is on our website. Got a problem customer service can’t help you with? You can go right to the top by contacting CEO Wade Leverett! Fun Fact: He gets very few calls. Don’t believe us? Check it out!
  5. We are the #1 cure for plant manager burnout (when upgrading to automated platform). Most automated platform upgrades require your plant manager to oversee the project in addition to performing their normal job duties. With our Turnkey Services, we take care of all planning, hiring, project management and launch. Give your plant manager a break

Get to know Repete by calling us a call at (262) 246-4541.