The ultimate in support and technology, at your service.

At Repete, we design and deliver automated control system solutions worldwide. Then we support them unconditionally.

We support some of the most successful companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia. From small independents to domestic co-ops to multi-national corporations, we have the expertise to automate even the most complex operations.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can provide value and support your business, let’s get the conversation started.

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Our customers help feed over 1 billion people daily.

More than 1,400 systems deployed worldwide, serving in more than 36 countries, on 5 different continents.

Systems and data Integration with virtually any business system including: SAP, JD Edwards, AIX, FMS, and Agvantage.

Specialists in FSMA compliance and related technology.

Repete: Serving clients since 1965.


A better approach to plant automation.

The Repete Automation Ecosystem is what intelligent plant automation has always promised: a better, safer means of production. By growing your business in our ecosystem, you are supported by expertise in plant processes, big-picture understanding of operational profitability, and our continually supported, fully-scalable technology.

Uncommon research and technology.

We’re experts in identifying plant automation patterns and invest in research to turn those patterns into technology that anticipates problems and adapts to change. Repete systems offer higher intelligence, rock-solid performance, compliance, and lower cost.

Close to perfect customer support.

Nobody’s perfect. But it pays to aim high. You can speak with our programmers. You can even talk directly to our CEO. We do all we can to make sure you’re satisfied with your Repete experience.

Imagine this:

Rock-solid performance, a compliant system and no threat of obsolescence. Repete designs innovative automation solutions to safely optimize your control system and deliver cost efficiencies, process consistency and traceability.





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Feed Mill Automation Guide

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