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Midwestern Pet Foods is a privately held fourth generation, family – owned business that manufacturers high quality pet food & treats. Midwestern Pet Foods operates plants in Monmouth, IL, Evansville, IN, Chickasha, OK, and Waverly, New York. The company was founded in 1926 and got their start through producing human food such as flour, corn meal and other dry goods. In the 1970s, they transitioned into manufacturing pet food and treats. Today, the company produces only high-quality pet food lines which include Earthborn Holistic, Unrefined, Venture, Ultimates, Wholesomes, Sportmix, and Sportmix CanineX.

Midwestern Pet Foods is distinguished by their family-owned, pet-loving culture and environment. Their tagline “Pet food is what we do… and we love it” perfectly illustrates the company’s passion and commitment to pets and their well-being. All the employees are pet owners and pet lovers. Office employees often bring their pets to work with them. As pet lovers, they sincerely care about the ingredients, quality, and handling of their products because they feed these same products to their own beloved pets every day.

Dylan Woods, Plant Manager of the Chickasha, OK plant, shared how their experience with Repete automation has benefited Midwestern Pet Foods and helped them create premium products for their furry end users.

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Midwestern Pet Foods Success Story