Considering a change to your facility? Building a new plant or mill? Call Repete first.

From complete solution design & equipment procurement to electrical, industrial IT, light construction and millwrighting – Repete Turnkey has you covered.

For more than 50 years, Repete has developed world class, full-mill process solutions for manufacturers worldwide. Now, we’re offering our expertise in turnkey services to take your project from concept to completion.

Single Source Accountability in Plant Automation

Acting as your project manager, we hire subs, guide the design, implement, coordinate and take on the risk of making sure the job is done right … and to your satisfaction.

All work is done by Repete certified professionals, ensuring they have the expertise, insurance, and safety program and practices in place before work begins.

If you’re planning a change at your plant call Repete first and we’ll take care of everything.

Headache-Free Upgrades

Planning for and executing a flawless plant upgrade is difficult, that’s why we developed Repete Turnkey. For more than 50 years, we’ve seen countless plant managers attempt to take on the task of spearheading plant automation projects while trying to continue to perform their normal duties. We’ve found that practice, to no fault of the plant manager, leads to increases in production delays and upgrade expenditures. The result is a higher-cost automated plant with lower process optimization, and a plant manager who is ready to quit out of frustration. Repete Turnkey addresses all of these issues and more.

Project Management

Repete takes on the risk of hiring contractors, monitoring progress, meeting deadlines and ensuring quality work.

Minimize Downtime

We ensure minimal production interruptions and plant stoppage so that it's business as usual for your company.

Sit Back, We've Got This.

Repete is the industry's highest quality and most reliable automated control system solutions provider. Starting your project with Repete Turnkey Services ensures that you will have the most reliable and well designed plant processes that will save your operation time and money for years to come.





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