June 2015

June 9, 2015

Lot Tracking 101: The important things you need to know

Lot Tracking Basics – A Primer to Clear Up Confusion Lot tracking can sometimes seem a bit like tax code. Everyone is aware of it. Few really understand it. Most avoid delving into it until faced with a recall or violation. It won’t take long to learn some lot tracking basics. Find out why lot tracking only keeps getting more important. After that, decide whether manually tracking is worth the risk. You can take small steps to mitigate large risk. Why wait for bad news that could inflict both financial and commercial pain? New Times, New Rules The first thing to recognize about lot tracking is that regulations have changed, and the number of new regulations is piling up. You likely know the FDA now has authority to mandate recalls and shut down mill operations. All it takes is lack of proof on the part of the mill. A mill […]
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