FLX Automation Platform

Bells, whistles, and a higher form of intelligence.

Imagine a highly automated, much more intelligent plant control system. The latest technology and functionality. Built-in data redundancy and a higher level of recovery. This only begins to describe your FLX Plant Automation System Experience.

Repete experts will replace your existing plant control system, giving you all the technological advancements you’ll need to optimize your operations.

FLX can take your system to a lights-out level of sophistication. That’s our way of saying an operator can walk away while the system is running. As a result, you can run your plant with fewer resources – increasing accuracy and traceability while lowering costs of production and eliminating user errors.

Hit the ground running.

We will show up with a control system that’s ready to go. There’s no tinkering to bring your plant online. Our deployment time was already faster than the industry norm, and then we cut it in half. You’ll quickly be back in business.

How? Everything is thoroughly tested beforehand in our simulated manufacturing environment. It’s an uncommon level of testing that saves you money and reduces plant risk.

Thinking platform

Learns your processes and self-adjusts according to equipment performance.

Fast & accurate

Delivers consistent, optimal performance, and prevents material waste and maintains product integrity.

FLX is the Solution for Full Plant Automation

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