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Plant Automation Process Area Solutions

Receiving with Repete

Automated receiving, weight capture, routing and tracking by Repete

From the moment a truck enters your lot to the moment it leaves, Repete’s fully automatic receiving system accurately tracks and routes products to the right place every time.

As product enters your lot, trucks are automatically ticketed, weighed and routed to the right bin. Intake and commodity level speeds are automatically controlled by the system to optimize efficiency, traceability tracking and material safety.

Once the product has been deposited, the system logs and weighs emptied trucks as they leave, with all measurements spontaneously logged into your material tracking system providing the most accurate measurement possible.

From start to finish, Repete delivers the gold standard of fully automated receiving systems with flawless precision.

Main Features

  • Auto-detect truck profiling
  • Autonomous ticketing & weighing
  • Conveyor & commodity speed controls
  • Instinctive efficiency optimization
  • Mechanical routing & scaling
  • Departure logs & weight tracking
  • Unmatched accuracy and traceability