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Livestock Nutrition Center Startup in Quanah, TX

Congratulations to Livestock Nutrition Center in Quanah, TX on their recent FLX system startup! Since 1998, Livestock Nutrition Center has been focused on finding better ways to serve livestock producers. LNC provides mineral supplements, complete feeds, and custom premix products. With 20 locations across the South Central United States, their experts and nutritionists specialize in creating custom formulas to meet the specific needs of each herd. We are excited to provide automation at this plant! To learn more, visit their website:  Livestock Nutrition Center

CFC Farm & Home Startup in Culpeper, Virginia

Congratulations to CFC Farm & Home Center in Culpeper, Virginia on their recent FLX system startup! CFC provides livestock consulting services and high-quality livestock feeds including cattle, equine, poultry, sheep, swine, goat, specialty feeds, multi stock feeds, grains and more. CFC has remained a constant in the lives of local farmers, ranchers, 4-HClubs, horse enthusiasts and other members of the community for almost 100 years. We’re thrilled to provide automation at their plant. To learn more, visit their website: CFC Farm & Home Center

Ocala Breeders Startup in Ocala, FL

Congratulations to Ocala Breeders on their recent startup in Ocala, FL! A top producer of horse feeds since 1982, Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply provides high quality textured and pelleted horse feeds that are well-formulated, fully fortified, and incredibly fresh. They have been known to have least-cost formulations, while bringing a safe and reliable product to their customers. Ocala Breeders provides feed to some of the top equestrian riders in the U.S. We are excited to provide automation at their mill! To learn more, visit their website: Ocala Breeders

Pet of the Month: August

The team at Repete is full of pet lovers. That’s why we understand the importance of safe, quality, nutritional pet food. Repete automation helps our customers create pet food that meets these standards. The Repete Pet of the Month features a team member’s pet that eats food from one of the markets we serve. The Pet of the Month for August features another great duo, Hank and Bentley! On the left is Hank. He is a crossbred breed and won champion lightweight crossbred at the Racine County Fair last month. Hank doesn’t like getting baths, but he loves going for long walks and eating marshmallows after! On the right is Bentley. He is a bred and owned Poland China from Rigert Show Pigs. His nickname is ‘Big Bents’ as he loves to eat and is always in the mood for a snack! Bentley loves getting pampered with baths, belly rubs, getting brushed, […]