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Plant Automation Process Area Solutions

Grinding with Repete

Automated and optimized grinding processes with almost no manual intervention

Whether your plant relies on hammermill, attrition mill, roller mill, cutters or screening techniques, Repete systems provide optimization for all grinding systems - controlling feeder speed based on type of ingredient, grinding apparatus and transfer to the next part of the process.

With grinding scheduling, the system tickets control receiving and programs grinding automation, providing an accurate, schedule-driven automatic process with little-to-no manual intervention.

This superior control allows your plant to create process efficiencies, eliminate waste and contamination concerns and deliver a more accurate and infinitely superior product.

Main Features

  • Solutions for all grinding equipment.
  • Automatic routing & and bin assignment
  • Feeder speed controls based on type of ingredient, grinding apparatus.
  • Grinding and Automatic Process Scheduling
  • Reduces waste and contamination.
  • Delivers a more accurate and superior product.