Repete SMX Hand-Add Management

Repete SMX automated hand-add system, your lot tracking and tracing solution, monitors and records all hand-add bucket preparations and mixer inclusions to provide an audit trail preventing mistakes from occurring and ensuring processes were done correctly and documented.

  • Lot tracking and tracing
  • Software based hand-add and micro ingredient management system
  • Available as a stand-alone solution or as a system add-on
  • Connects to both Repete and non-Repete systems
  • Retrofits to any automation system
  • Full bar code hand-add functionality to confirm correct ingredients before allowing to continue
  • Supports FSMA requirements
  • Available with reconciled inventory reporting
  • Full recoverability
  • ERP and business system integration
  • Mitigates contamination risk
  • Designed to eliminate human errors
  • Bucket colors aligned to specific ingredients
  • All bags and buckets are validated

This precise, automated hand-add batching solution was developed by Repete in order to mitigate contamination risk and improve validation and accuracy of added drugs and ingredients.

Significantly improve accuracy & accountability

Stand-alone or integrated functionality supports buckets, bags, and scale processes to modernize your control system. From formulation to scheduling, SMX has a list of all controlled and uncontrolled hand-add ingredients for all batches of all runs in the schedule. All bags and buckets validated prior to being included in the mix — ensuring inclusion into the right mix and batch, identified with a bar code label and scanned in the process to prevent contamination risk.

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