Seed & Grain Processing

Seed & Grain Processing

To ensure the highest quality product and grow business, seed and grain processing plants need a system in place that gently monitors and grades products, tracks shipments and maintains constant quality.

Consistency and quality

Your customers aren’t buying just seed and grain, they look to your processing plant for products that are graded and sorted properly, meet or exceed all safety regulations and will give them consistent yield. That’s where Repete comes in.

Repete solutions

Repete systems are built on a sturdy foundation of expertise, aligning data with regulations, nutritional science, equipment, ERP and business systems, staff, processes and more into one robust, easy-to-use automation platform for your seed & grain processing automation.


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Sort out your Seed & Grain Systems

Are you ready to give your Pre-Mix & Medicated Feed Systems an overhaul? Contact us today to find out what Repete can do for you.