Protecting Your Investment with Repete Animal Nutrition Automated Control Systems

Farmers spend nearly $25 billion every year per the American Feed Industry Association.
It’s a sizable investment, and farmers expect the feed they’re purchasing will provide their livestock with the vitamins and nutrients needed for a strong, healthy and profitable herd.

Faster, more accurate feed

There is a science to feed mills meeting product nutritional requirements, while keeping an eye on safety and cost-effective accuracy and consistency. Repete has been helping mills lower the cost of feed production while producing feed faster and more uniform for more than 50 years.

Each one of our trusted Animal Nutrition Automated Control Systems have been built on a sturdy platform and are thoroughly tested to ensure optimal results.

Repete solutions

To ensure and grow business, mills need a system in place that monitors ingredients, lowers risk of contamination, maintains a constant mix and offers full lot tracking and tracing. Repete systems are built on a sturdy foundation of expertise, giving you the power to produce higher quality, more consistent feed at significant cost savings with one robust, easy-to-use automation platform. Learn how automation can lower your cost per production.

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Improve Animal Nutrition

Are you ready to take your Animal Nutrition System to the next level? Contact us today to find out what Repete can do for you.





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