Supporting the Growing Needs of Aquaculture Facility Control Systems

Aquaculture, or aquafarming, is a growing business. With global fish consumption at nearly 150 million metric tons.

And per the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, there’s need for an additional 27 million tons to maintain the present level of per capita consumption in 2030, aquaculture is literally a growth business.

Feed efficiency

While the industry is known as being one of the most resource-efficient ways to produce protein, the manufacturing quality of feed is especially important. Superior feed produces exceptional fish and seafood. That’s where Repete comes in.

Repete solutions

Repete systems are built on a sturdy foundation of expertise, aligning data with FSMA regulations, equipment, ERP and business systems, staff, processes and more into one robust, easy-to-use automation platform.

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Aquaculture Solutions

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