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Plant Automation Process Area Solutions

Load Out with Repete

Load out the right product to the right location, every single time

As with our automated receiving system, Repete’s load out system transports the right product to the desired location, quickly and efficiently, with unparalleled accuracy.

With the ability to custom fill a truck with up to 10 orders weighing a total of 30 tons, and with an available truck-driver driven option, the load out system uses autonomous truck profiling to identify the load going into the truck trailer then intelligently filling it with the proper load.

From beginning to end, Repete delivers controlled accuracy, certifying all product is loaded onto the right truck, into the right compartment and delivered to the right animal.

Main Features

  • Supports multiple load & truck configurations
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Auto truck profiling including barcode and RFID identification
  • Optional truck driver driven process