If you’re looking for innovation in plant automation, and someone who will always have your back, you’ve found it.

Repete Corporation is a leading global provider of Automated Control Systems for feed mills, animal nutrition manufacturing, and process plants. We are a 3rd generation family-owned company headquartered in Sussex, WI, with over 50 years of proven experience innovating plant and feed mill operations through our unrivaled solutions.

Our solutions range from dedicated, process-specific controls to full plant automation for animal nutrition, agri-business, food industries and beyond. We are proud to support some of the most successful companies around the world with more than 1,400 systems in operation. 

By implementing our solutions, our customers minimize ingredient and production errors, improve efficiencies, and control their feed mill operation. In addition, Repete systems provide full data integration with feed mill manager software, ERP, QA/QC, formulation/recipe management, laboratory and business systems. Using the latest proven technologies, our solutions are designed to support high level business automation and help our customers optimize production, cost efficiency, and mitigate commercial & regulatory risk.

Uncommon research, exceptional technology.

Research fuels our ability to provide you with cutting-edge, unique software systems. To our knowledge, nobody matches our investment in research or the way we go about it.

We’re driven to find your plant processes that best reduce risk, and we look for industry patterns. Then we invest in research to turn those patterns into affordable software systems. Our teams meet every day to discuss ways we can reduce your risks, while optimizing your operation.

As a result, Repete systems are ever-more intelligent and capable of full-mill automation.