Pet Food

Industry-Leading Automation Solutions for the Pet Food Industry

People love their pets, and they want the very best for them. It’s why the pet food industry accounts for $1.3 billion in global annual sales in 2015 alone.

Only the best for pets

According to a recent Petfood Industry article, as the pet industry continues to mirror human food and diet trends, pet owners are becoming more aware of the quality and source of food given to their animal companions. They want only the best products for their pets.

To ensure repeat business, as well as meet federal and state regulations, pet food plants require a system in place that monitors ingredients, tracks shipments and maintains a constant mix. That’s where Repete comes in.

Repete solutions

Repete systems are built on a sturdy foundation of expertise, aligning data with FSMA regulations, equipment, ERP and business systems, staff, processes and more into one robust, easy-to-use automation platform.

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Pump up your Pet Food Operations

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