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Plant Automation Process Area Solutions

Routing with Repete

Your product in the right place at the right time - automatically. That's Smart Routing by Repete.

Routing is the connective tissue of your plant, guiding the movement of your product from one process area to the next. Repete smart routing gives you the power to control all movement between load in and load out – ensuring feed safety, accuracy and maximum speed and efficiency.

Repete smart routing protects against contamination by autonomously managing shared equipment, turnhead functionality, bin filling and unloading, product swaps, gap routing and purging, giving you safe and high volume routing at the same time.

This system also provides protection against downtime, and dramatically reduces purge-out delays and saving you time and money.

It’s flawless connectivity, connected on a custom level.

Main Features

  • Manages shared equipment contention
  • Automatically senses gaps between feeds
  • Synchronized bin filling and keep-full logic.
  • "Round Robin" bin switching.
  • Customizable connectivity
  • Smart routing & purging.
  • Non-contaminating
  • Safe & high volume routing.