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Plant Automation Process Area Solutions

Batching with Repete

Designed for optimal weight and mix accuracy, Repete batching systems ensure the right mix every time

Developed for major, minor and micro inclusions, Repete batching systems provide optimal weight and mix accuracy – ensuring the right mix from start to finish.

With all processes running concurrently, the system’s highly accurate measuring weighs each ingredient in parallel with multiple batches in flight overlapping. As one batch is routed out, the next batch is being weighed.

Repete’s patented early cutoff mechanism, ECO for short, increases accuracy and minimizes waste by automatically scheduling stops while accounting for materials still in flight.

The result is increased precision and output, while decreasing waste and the risk of feed contamination.

Main Features

  • Developed for major, minor and micro inclusions
  • Highly accurate measuring
  • All processes run concurrently
  • Massaging hands break up ingredients
  • Captures automation to a dribble of liquid
  • Patented early cutoff mechanism (E.C.O.) increases accuracy and minimizes waste