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Plant Automation Process Area Solutions

Pelleting with Repete

Eliminate the risk of human error with Repete's fully automated pelleting system

The Repete pelleting system creates production profiles and formulas into one fully-automated pelleting process. The schedule-driven pelleting process allows you turn it on, tell it what to do, and walk away.

The infinitely repeatable process allows multiple pelleting processes to run concurrently, and schedules automatic purges so there is no waiting between runs. This ensures maximum quality product production while safeguarding against contamination, loss of production time and waste of product.

What You Can Expect

  • Increased Productivity: Automation streamlines processes for faster, efficient pellet production.

  • Consistency: Elimination of human errors through automation ensures consistent pellet quality.

  • High Quality Pellets: Precision in ingredient mixing and production control leads to high-quality pellets.

  • Better Labor Utilization: Automation minimizes reliance on manual labor, optimizing skilled labor for other complex tasks.

  • Scalability: Automated systems easily adapt to varying production demands, ensuring flexibility. 

Download our Pelleting Automation product sheet here for more details.