December 2023


Kaytee Startup in Chilton, WI

Congratulations to Kaytee on their recent successful startup in Chilton, WI! Kaytee is committed to creating nutritional food and treats for small animal pets, pet birds, wild birds, and more. They have inspired nutritional innovations for more than 150 years. Their complete line of products – food, treats, bedding, toys, habitats, and accessories – helps keep your treasured friends active, comfy and safe. Kaytee’s expertise and state-of-the-art processing means quality is built into every product, ensuring the health, security, and comfort of each pet and bringing peace-of-mind to all pet parents. We’re happy to provide automation at this facility! To learn more about Kaytee, visit their website here: Kaytee

Butterball Startup in Turkey, North Carolina

Congratulations to Butterball on their recent successful startup in Turkey, North Carolina! Butterball manufactures food products in the United States and internationally—specializing in turkey, cured deli meats, raw roasts and specialty products such as soups and salads, sandwiches, and entrées. According to a 2022 Kantar Brand Tracking study, Butterball is America’s most recognized turkey brand and the most loved in the United States. Since 1954, the company has provided retail and foodservice turkey products to customers and consumers around the world. We’re happy to provide automation at this facility. To learn more about Butterball, visit their website here: Butterball

Pet of the Month: December

Introducing The Repete Pet of the Month for December: Ryder! 🐶 Meet Ryder, the sweet 8-year-old Labrador Shepherd mixed breed. Ryder was rescued by one of our employees after being deemed “unadoptable” by the rescue center. However, anyone who meets him can’t imagine not wanting to welcome this lovable guy into their lives! A regular visitor at the Repete office, Ryder, our friendly giant, roams the halls in search of pets and treats, spreading joy among our team. Some of Ryder’s favorite activities include being a watchdog of his neighborhood and hanging out with his 3 feline siblings. He also enjoys riding in the car and playing in the snow. And if there is a pool party, you can count on Ryder to be there; he loves swimming! Among his many delights, ice cream wins as Ryder’s favorite treat. The simple sight of a frozen treat prompts him to appear […]