June 2024


Pet of the Month: June

Meet Sophie, a sweet and tiny 5-year-old Chihuahua. Adopted four years ago on the day before Thanksgiving, Sophie is a rescue dog from Arizona. Her desert roots show—she refuses to go outside if there’s snow, wet grass, or wind. Sophie is incredibly affectionate. She loves to sleep snuggled under the covers between her parents, enjoys tummy rubs, and gives plenty of wet puppy kisses. She’s a cuddler who adores sitting on people’s laps—no lap is safe, even if you’re just a visitor! Sophie also delights in taking her mom and dad for walks and keeping watch over her yard from the window. She gets very excited when she spots rabbits in the yard and wants to chase them away, despite them being bigger than her! Initially shy (she didn’t bark for the first two months after adoption), Sophie now growls at people passing by the house and barks at any […]