April 2024


Pet of the Month: April

Introducing The Repete Pet of the Month for April: Ranger! 🐶 Meet Ranger, the sweet 42-year-old (in dog years) golden retriever. While Ranger may boast the classic golden retriever charm, he’s a bit of an outlier when it comes to water—he’s terrified of it! Despite this, Ranger’s perpetually happy demeanor shines through, especially when enjoying his favorite hobbies which include lounging, going for walks with his family, and sucking on his beloved stuffed dog toys. Ranger is not one to be picky about his food—his favorite meal is simply “anything offered to him”, but he does especially love “dental sticks.” He has 2 best friends, Samantha and Beau, his German shepherd niece and nephew. He loves when they come over to visit and play with him. Ranger has had an enjoyable life so far, and his proudest moment was when he caught a sparrow mid-flight in his backyard. According to […]