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Pet of the Month: March

Introducing The Repete Pet of the Month for March: Harley! 🐶 Meet Harley, the 6-year-old mixed-breed with a heart of gold. Repete employees may recognize him from the background of his Dad’s Teams calls. He is a mix of 19 different breeds, with a strong influence of Beagle and German Shepherd. Harley is a very loving dog to his whole family, but holds a special spot in his heart for his mama, completely changing his mood when she leaves the house. He takes his job as house protector very seriously. He loves to look out over the yard to make sure all the bunnies, squirrels, and geese stay away. Harley thinks he’s quite helpful when he notifies his humans of people outside and barks at other dogs are on walks with their humans. Harley loves to go for w-a-l-k-s himself. (& Don’t you dare say the word unless you are […]

Pet of the Month: February

Introducing The Repete Pet of the Month for February: ZuZu! 🐶 Meet ZuZu, the spirited 3-year-old Labrador Retriever. ZuZu is a sweet girl that loves to relax on the couch reveling in belly rubs, yet effortlessly transitions into a bundle of energy when the moment calls. One of those moments is when she gets to hunt alongside her human dad, retrieving ducks and pheasants. Her passion for hunting is matched only by her love for the exhilarating game of fetch. You can often find her obsessively staring at her ball, while she anxiously waits for her next playmate to step outside and throw it for her. She will play for hours on end, never getting bored of it. Even when her beloved ball is taken away, she always finds an alternative item she can use for fetch, (be it neighbor dog’s toys, pieces of firewood, watering cans, and beyond.) ZuZu’s […]

Repete at International Production & Processing Expo 2024

Repete exhibited at International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2024 January 30 – February 1. IPPE is the world’s largest annual poultry and egg, meat and animal food industry event of its kind. We had a successful week and appreciated connecting with so many like-minded individuals who are passionate about innovation and growth in the feed industry. Until next year, IPPE!

Pet of the Month: January

Introducing The Repete Pet of the Month for January: Magic! 🐈 Meet Magic, the sweet six-month-old tabby kitten who became a cherished member of our employee’s family on September 1, 2023. This family had recently experienced the unexpected loss of a kitten, leaving Lily, the remaining feline sister, heartbroken. The veterinarian recommended adding another companion to the family and Magic turned out to be the perfect addition, as Magic has indeed become inseparable from Lily. The two cats will play together all day, only to later snuggle up in a kitten pile for their afternoon nap. Magic’s loving nature shines through in her interactions with the family, though she tends to be a bit shy around new faces. Despite her generally quiet demeanor, Magic becomes quite vocal when dinnertime approaches, making it known to everyone that she is hungry. At six months old, she is still very much a kitten […]