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A.L. Gilbert Startup in Keyes, CA

Congratulations to A.L. Gilbert Co. on their recent Repete FLX system startup in Keyes, California! A.L. Gilbert has been manufacturing a wide variety of livestock animal feed products using only the highest quality ingredients throughout the West Coast for over 100 years. They have evolved into one of the oldest, largest, and most respected feed milling companies on the West Coast. A.L. Gilbert’s goal is to deliver the highest quality animal feed with a commitment to providing the most nutritionally advanced products on the market. They are always integrating their industry knowledge with new technologies to improve their operations. We’re excited to help their operations with our automation system!

Milk Specialties Startup in New Holstein, WI

Congratulations to Milk Specialties on their recent Repete FLX system startup in New Holstein, Wisconsin! Milk Specialties creates innovative, high-quality ingredients designed to deliver superior nutrition performance. They’re constantly exploring new ways to improve products’ performance and value through their broad human and animal nutrition portfolios. That continuous improvement mindset is why their ingredients, marketed under the consumer labels of our partners, can be found in countless products sold by major retailers around the globe. Milk Specialties’ animal nutrition plants manufacture a wide range of products such as energy ingredients, milk additives, milk fortifiers, milk replacers, nutritional supplements, pet nutrition, specialty ingredients and more. Their human nutrition products include whey proteins, specialty proteins, plant proteins, milk proteins, dairy & plant fats, casein & caseinates, carbohydrates and more. We’re excited to provide an automation system at this plant! Visit their website to learn more: Milk Specialties

Cargill Startup in Fushun, China

Congratulations to Cargill on their recent successful FLX System startup in Fushun, China! We’re excited to provide automation solutions at this animal nutrition facility. For more than 155 years, Cargill has helped farmers grow more, connecting them to broader markets. They are continuously developing products that give consumers just what they’re seeking, advancing nutrition, food safety and sustainability. Visit their website to learn more:  Cargill

Standard Nutrition Startup in Waverly, Iowa

Congratulations to Standard Nutrition on their recent Repete FLX system startup in Waverly, Iowa! Standard Nutrition Services is a renowned and trusted leader in the swine and poultry industries. They develop specialized nutritional programs and consult with producers to address the nutritional and management needs of their clients’ livestock. Standard Nutrition Services provides focused support and products to some of the most successful dairy, swine, and poultry producers, and horse owners. Visit their website to learn more:  Standard Nutrition