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Heartland Quality Egg Farm Startup in West Mansfield, Ohio

Congratulations to Heartland Quality Egg Farm in West Mansfield, Ohio on their recent startup. Heartland Quality Egg Farm is owned by Weaver Eggs. They are a fourth-generation family farm that produces fresh, high-quality eggs and egg products. We are excited to provide automation at this plant!

Pet of the Month: October

Introducing our October Pet of the Month: Quincy the Quail! Quincy is a Gambles Quail, a species native to the Arizona region of the United States. While his exact age remains a mystery, he has been a cherished pet to one of our team members for seven years. The story behind this bird is quite unique. It all began when Quincy casually strolled through the front door of our employee’s wife’s candle shop in Waukesha, WI. Quincy followed her around and filled the air with his many bird calls. No one came forward to claim him at the Humane Society and releasing him into the wild was not an option since these birds are not native to Wisconsin. So, our compassionate Repete team member and his family graciously took Quincy in and the joy that Quincy brought made it clear that he was here to stay! Join us in celebrating […]

Livestock Nutrition Center Startup in Quanah, TX

Congratulations to Livestock Nutrition Center in Quanah, TX on their recent FLX system startup! Since 1998, Livestock Nutrition Center has been focused on finding better ways to serve livestock producers. LNC provides mineral supplements, complete feeds, and custom premix products. With 20 locations across the South Central United States, their experts and nutritionists specialize in creating custom formulas to meet the specific needs of each herd. We are excited to provide automation at this plant! To learn more, visit their website:  Livestock Nutrition Center

Pet of the Month: September

Introducing The Repete Pet of the Month for September: Max! 🐕 Meet Max, the charming 10 year old “mystery” mix breed. He’s an independent dog with a heart of loyalty, especially when it comes to his human mom. His playful spirit comes to life when he is chewing on sticks or playing with any of his beloved toys! According to his mom, Max’s favorite pastime involves roaming the yard and indulging in the occasional forbidden treat. Join us in celebrating Max as our Pet of the Month!