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Welcome Scoular as a Repete Customer

Welcome Scoular as a Repete customer! Scoular buys, sells, stores, handles and processes grain and ingredients, as well as manages transportation and logistics worldwide. Scoular has recently acquired a grain elevator and a feed mill in Northern Florida to strengthen its existing grain and ingredient businesses and better serve the grain and livestock producers in the Southeastern US. We look forward to our future collaboration with Scoular and their continued success. Check out this short article to learn more! To learn more about Scoular, check out their website here.  

Startup in Tiền Giang, Vietnam

Congratulations to the team in Tiền Giang, Vietnam on their successful startup! Repete is delighted to provide automation solutions at this animal nutrition facility and help improve the quality of production, increase production output, eliminate manual processes, and reduce labor required at the same time. Thanks to Heejun Chung and the rest of the team for their hard work on this project!    

Cargill Extrusion Automation Startup in Medan, Indonesia

Congratulations to Cargill on their most recent successful startup in Medan, Indonesia! We’re delighted to partner with them and provide extrusion automation solutions at this animal nutrition facility. For more than 155 years, Cargill has helped farmers grow more, connecting them to broader markets. They are continuously developing products that give consumers just what they’re seeking, advancing nutrition, food safety and sustainability. Visit their website to learn more:  Cargill  

Two Years of Successful Feed Production at Butterball Mill in Arkansas

Congratulations to Butterball for two years of successful feed production at their mill in northern Arkansas. We really enjoy working with Butterball at this mill and are looking forward to their continued success. Check out this article by Grainnet to learn more about the specs of this impressive feed mill. Butterball Builds Large-Scale Slipform Concrete Feed Mill in Northern Arkansas Ground-level view of Butterball, LLC’s new 12,000-tpw feed mill in Yellville, AR. Turkey producer consolidates two mills at new site with rail access for receiving feed ingredients Yellville, AR — Butterball, LLC, the iconic turkey producer, had been supplying feed to its growers in north central Arkansas from two older steel feed mills, one in Mountain Home built in 1966 and the other in Green Forest built in 1987. The privately held company had another more up-to-date mill in Ozark, AR, “but that’s two hours away over the mountains. The freight […]