5 Key Considerations When Buying or Upgrading an Automation Control System

Repete’s Enhanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Program for Feed Manufacturing
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Repete’s Enhanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Program for Feed Manufacturing
Business Integration Software

Selecting an automation control system isn’t a simple task. To complicate matters, those in decision-making positions might only have to make this call once or twice in their lengthy careers. Additionally, technology has undergone significant changes over the past decade. All of these aspects combined often leave decision-makers without a complete understanding of the key factors to consider when evaluating potential automation control system providers.

Every process manufacturing plant is unique, which translates into different criteria for selecting a control system. Instead of solely focusing on comparing product features and functions, it’s important to consider how well the automation company aligns with your specific needs. By focusing on the company behind the system, you ensure a more holistic and effective decision-making process.

This article is dedicated to aiding decision makers in choosing an automation system that perfectly aligns with their needs, whether they are purchasing a system for the first time or upgrading their current system. We’ll break it down by highlighting 5 critical decision criteria to be well aware of.

1. Longevity of the company

The longevity of a company holds significant value when selecting an automation control system provider. The industry is very competitive, and many automation providers come and go. A well-established company typically possesses the experience and stability to provide consistent service and support, as well as an adaptable approach and financial soundness.

  • Experience: Longevity implies industry expertise, translating to effective solutions and the ability to handle complex challenges.
  • Consistency: Established companies often have robust service systems, ensuring quick response times and efficient maintenance.
  • Adaptability: Surviving in a competitive market shows the ability to adapt to changing needs and technology.
  • Proven Track Record: Years of operation come with satisfied clients, providing assurance of reliability.
  • Financial Stability: Long-standing companies manage finances well, leading to competitive pricing.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Choosing an experienced company means a reliable partner for the long haul.


Repete stands as a family-owned company for over five decades, currently run by the third generation with a commitment to sustained growth. Companies with longevity signify a mix of the qualities above —qualities that are vital for a dependable automation control system provider.

2. Service and Support

Beyond longevity, the service and support a company offers is crucial. Does the automation system require a lot of service? How quickly and effectively can the company address issues that may arise? A reliable support system can significantly impact the overall performance and uptime of your control system.

Fast issue resolution, expert assistance, proactive monitoring, remote support, dedicated teams, and 24/7 accessibility collectively ensure uninterrupted operations. Make sure to evaluate providers based on their support offerings, team expertise, and commitment to keeping your operations running smoothly.

Repete products require minimal servicing for maximum facility efficiency. Our thoroughly tested software ensures immediate installation readiness. Repete’s built-in diagnostic system accelerates issue resolution, preventing the need to plunder around in the PLC to discover what is wrong. All information is available directly on the operator’s screen. The system has the ability to diagnose issues, work around problems and return mills to operation in the shortest possible time, leading to a lowered need for support.

However, if problems do arise that surpass the system’s capabilities, our 24/7 worldwide service availability ensures a skilled team will be available for swift problem-solving. If needed, our engineers step in, ensuring prompt resolution and uninterrupted operations for our customers.

3. Research and Development

Staying relevant in today’s fast-paced technological landscape requires continuous innovation. Companies that invest in research and development are more likely to offer cutting-edge solutions that can adapt to evolving needs and advancements.

For process manufacturing plants, partnering with a company that prioritizes R&D translates to a range of tangible benefits. Plants are positioning themselves for long-term success by harnessing the power of innovation to elevate their operations, enhance their competitiveness, and future-proof their technological investments.

Repete’s investment in research and development brings forth innovative features, systems, and capabilities that have significantly improved our position in the market. Some examples of these innovations are listed below:

  • Effortless Deployment
  • Seamless Integration
  • Enhanced Product Safety
  • Extended System Lifespan
  • Advanced Lot Tracking

This is not an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of what R&D should produce in a controls company.

4. Understanding Your Industry

Choosing a provider that understands the workings of your specific industry is vital. This understanding serves as the foundation for tailoring solutions that align with your unique challenges and requirements. When a company grasps the details of your industry, it enables them to craft solutions for the common hurdles faced within the industry. They can dig into the core of your operations, identify pain points, and implement strategies that fully amplify your processes.

The provider’s familiarity with your industry is the driving force behind meaningful enhancements. This understanding empowers them to anticipate potential roadblocks and plan strategies that fit seamlessly with your existing workflow.

At Repete, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the industries we serve. With research and hands-on experience in the industries we serve, we are able to craft custom automation systems solutions that go beyond surface-level fixes and take your operations to new levels.

5. System Durability and Maintenance

We live in a time where technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate.  PLC’s, PC’s, operating systems and all the network accessories are subject to constant change. This dynamic shift results in higher year-to-year costs for control systems, as outdated components necessitate system upgrades. Some vendors suggest major system overhauls every five years.

Fortunately, an innovative approach exists, one that looks beyond short-term upgrades; and Repete has taken this approach. We design systems that can be updated as new technology is discovered.  Additionally, we offer a Continuous Improvement Program that guarantees that your system will not need to be changed until it is no longer able to be updated.

Regular updates ensure that your system is using the most up to date technology so that the best control system is delivered.  That’s why it’s referred to as a continuous “improvement” program because your system improves continuously.


Let us improve your plant processes!

Hopefully, with these considerations in mind, you feel more confident about choosing an automation controls vendor. As you can see, Repete is committed to helping our customers improve their operations. If you are interested in learning more about our systems, please contact us at www.repete.com.