Insight FS breaks ground on new mill featuring Repete automated system

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Courtesy of WBAY

Fond du Lac County based Insight FS recently broke ground on its new, high tech feed and grain facility, which will be feature a new Repete Automated Control System.

Repete is supplying Insight FS with the brains of its new fully automated operations, giving Insight FS the power to “stay ahead of industry trends and new regulations.”

Steve Hellenbrand, Insight FS feed marketing manager, told the Fond du Lac Reporter the new Repete system will allow all mill operations to be completely controlled and monitored by the software, shattering the image of the common mill being a collection of people lugging around sacks of feed.

“When you put together a mill like this, and it’s automated, the jobs are different than what you would think of in a traditional mill,” Hellenbrand said in the article. “The mill operator, instead of dumping bags of feed, sits behind a computer screen.”

According to the article, the new mill will be fully operational on Jan. 1, 2018 and Insight FS expects the new feed mill to produce some 37,000 tons of goods each year.

The new Insight FS mill was featured in both the Fond du Lac Reporter and WBAY newscast.

Courtesy of the Fond du Lac Reporter